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Mississippi Fishing Report 10/8/2020


I decided to challenge myself again on the Mississippi,  Was it a fluke on 10/6 ? Is October really as magical as they say? I mean, I absolutely crush it on Walleyes on 10/6. With pretty much the same water temps 58 degrees and winds were down again. Almost an identical day as the day before. 

Can it be done again in a 3 hour time limit?  Here is the twist to it. This time a different section of the river. 

Well the answer is YES. River Fishing in October is magical. Here are the results using a different part of the river.  I had similar results. The main difference was the Walleye were pretty much cookie cutter size today just not as big but still a 50+ Walleye day with a 3 hour time limit.  Who wouldn't want that? All fish were released unharmed.  Here are the numbers today. 

Caught 50+ Walleye again, 1 Drum, 0 Sauger, 2 Catfish and 1 being 27" fat cat. 

Pretty interesting to find another section of the river fished the same way holding pretty much all the same size fish. The Mississippi is known best for giving a variety of sizes of Walleye and average typical at least for me is 22 + inches. 

Here are a few pictures.

Keep those lines tight.

Mississippi Fishing Report 10/6/2020

What an amazing day on the Mississippi River. My thought was to catch as many different species as possible in 3 hours as I had other things to be done for the day. Of course the main species is always Walleye, Which I already knew wouldn't be a problem.

The winds were down and the river was pretty low with water temps at 56 degrees. I set my goal in the morning. Walleye, Sauger, Crappie, Catfish, White Bass, SmallMouth Bass, Northern and even a possible sturgeon. Keep in mind to do this goal I plan on doing this all on a jig and minnow.

I usually do pretty well on the Mississippi anytime I go out. Now add the magic of October to the mix and it was explosive. Easily in 3 hours 50 + Walleye ranging in various sizes so many I just quit taking pictures of them. 

You could say they were making my goal hard to reach as it seems I couldn't keep them off the line.

However, I did manage to get 1 Sauger, 0 Crappies, 1 Channel Catfish, 4 nice White Bass, 0 SmallMouth, 0 Northern, 0 Sturgeon, 4 Huge Drum, it seems as the dam walleyes just kept me from reaching my goal. (BIG SMILE)  what a blast. Here are a few pictures of some of the fish.

Keep those lines tight 



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