St. Croix fishing guide

Playing Hooky MN.

St. Croix Mn. Fishing Guide & Consultant.. I teach you in your boat

Walleye, Sauger, Crappie, White Bass, Catfish, Sturgeon, Smallmouth Bass, Perch

2019 Kayak guiding on Metro lakes (See Rates Link)

I have been a fishing guide for over 15 years on the rivers.  Experienced on St. Croix & The Mississippi Pools 2, 3, 4. Even Metro lakes.

I also obtained my USCG Captains license. I have won my share of fishing tournaments on both of these rivers.

Anybody can take you out fishing for $300 and up to catch a limit of fish which is a total of 6 fish for Walleyes. That's a lot of money for 6 fish. 

Here is what most people believe... I will hire a guide and know their secrets and what to do when I go myself. Well, let's be honest you won't. Most guides don't and won't teach clients they only fish. I teach and we fish. You get to use these the techniques right away.

Here what they don't tell you. Every boat is different. Here is what you need to take in consideration. Your boat might be heavier or might be lighter than the guides boat but this makes a difference in boat control. If you can't duplicate what they did and remember what they did how can you expect the same results. All of these things make the difference Boat size, The weight of the boat, different size trolling motors for boat control, electronics all read different, different fishing gear meaning rods reels and even the line you may be using. Even the wind is different depending on the size of the boat. It does make a difference. Being taught from your own boat is the only way to duplicate success. 

This is why I teach you from your boat. I want you to be able to duplicate it over and over again. Plus you get the secrets and even mark GPS locations. 

More importantly, you learn it from your boat and won't need a guide again.

I want you comfortable going out on your own with knowledge of the river and catching fish. 

My clients learn equipment like rods, reels, tackle. What to use and why? What to look for on their sonar, How to use the trolling motor for better boat control. How to fish the wind and still catch fish.  Where do I fish on the river and why does that spot catch fish over others? 

I am the consultant & guide

You drive the boat, you run the trolling motor, you supply gas, bait, launch fees if any to be paid, but I bring the tackle and the fishing rods to use. There is a reason for this which you will learn.  

Call me or email me for more information or text me at the 651-428-8183 direct line. 

Captain Brian

Gratuity accepted and appreciated.

For more information call:  Captain Brian ... AKA (Juice)


 (651)428-8183 between 8am-6pm for more information.