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Fishing Report on 7/10/2020 St Croix River

St. Croix River Report

Surface water temps @ 83 degrees. Winds out of the north @ 15 mph which makes it a little choppy add a lot of boats and Yachts and you will have a wave pool effect. Fishing was pretty good. 25 Walleyes, 3 Freshwater drum, New record for me with a big Northern bite 3 of them. All of them broke off at the boat which makes it an expensive day in jigs. 2 Smallmouth Bass. All fish were released. Today was about finding new areas on the river. Finding the spots that aren't community spots. Had some pretty good success with one spot becoming the diamond. Here is what to expect from the St. Croix moving forward. Walleye and Saugers will become more work to find as they start to seek deeper water. Still will pick up some nice fish in the shallows early in the day. Perch have become very active as well as Smallmouth bass. Apparently deep water Northern bite has been on for a while now. Freshwater Drum and Catfish are on the rise.

Mississippi River Report

High water with swift current with lots of debris running down. The challenge is not to hit moving trees and stumps. Aside from that as the water recedes the fishing will only get better. Fishing for Walleyes so far has been fantastic. All fish are catch and release but make some awesome pictures.

Fishing Report on 6/30/2020 Mississippi River

Today on the Mississippi River. Not sure why I went out with 25 mph gust out of the South. The river is flowing North. The wind was stronger than the river current as it blow me the opposite of the river flow. A big thunderstorm blew through the night before and water was rising fast with debris and tree's flowing down making it a mine field with white cap's making it hard to see everything. BUT I had to go fishing so I went.  Fishing was tough but did manage this one with a few freshwater drum.  Fish were found in 10-12 FOW

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